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Smart home

Open ecosystem
WiZ Connected was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by French entrepreneurs from software companies (American companies) and the LED lighting industry. WiZ's mission is to provide an open IoT platform for electrical and lighting system suppliers in the market. We have built an ecosystem that is well-recognized by our customers, so that everyone can benefit from it: end users can adopt our products more quickly and smoothly; distribution channels can maintain consistency with customers.
Support remote control
The highlight of the smart lighting app can help users control the lamps at home, and users can adjust the brightness of the lamps freely in the software. Through Wi-Fi or cloud remote control, each room can be grouped to control your lights. We provide different types of light modes from fun to functionality to enhance the user's environmental experience. All light settings and modes will be safely uploaded to the cloud, you can share with family, friends, and even visitors anytime, anywhere!
Leading innovator of smart lighting
The new preset function enables your smart light to understand your regular activity level during the day and night, and automatically provide the most suitable light you need at the time, based on this, to provide the time of day to enhance health and match you Lifestyle. Through the integration of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (and Google Home) and IFTTT), voice control and interoperability with other systems can be obtained to realize scene interconnection.
Tuya Smart
It is a globalized intelligence platform, "AI+IoT" developer platform, and the world's top voice AI interaction platform, connecting consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers, and retail chains with intelligent needs, providing customers with one-stop labor Intelligent IoT solutions form a closed loop of artificial intelligence + manufacturing services, and provide B-end technology and business model upgrade services for consumer IoT smart devices, thereby satisfying consumers' higher demands for hardware products.
Get smart quickly
应用包括吸顶灯、壁灯、吊灯、台灯、灯带、在内的所有主流照明产品提供无线家用解决方案,支持Wi-Fi、BLE Mesh等主流联网方式,具有语音控制、远程控制、智能场景化等三大特点,用户可以根据自身喜好随意调节颜色、亮度和色温。轻松应对多种照明场景,提高终端用户体验。