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European Commission announces new ErP and energy efficiency labeling regulations for lighting products

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1. Covered products
1) Light source, a product that relies on electricity to emit and/or adjust to emit light that meets the following optical characteristics:
• The color coordinates are within the following range
i. 0.270 <x <0.530, and
ii .-2.3172 x2 + 2.3653 x – 0.2199 <y <-2.3172 x2 + 2.3653 x – 0.1595;
• Luminous flux per square millimeter of the luminous projection surface <500 lm;
• Luminous flux between 60 lm and 82000 lm;
• Color rendering index (CRI) Ra > 0.
2) Independent control device;
      Note: Covers independent control devices, embedded control devices, and built-in non-integrated control devices.
3) Products containing light sources and/or independent control devices.
     Note: If the light source and independent control device in the product cannot be taken out of the product for verification test, the product as a whole is recognized as the light source.
2. Requirements
1) Energy efficiency
(A) From September 1, 2021, the light source should meet the following energy efficiency requirements:
• The declared power does not exceed the maximum allowable power: P on ≤ P onmax , where the calculation method of P onmax has changed;
• Standby power P sb  ≤0.5 W;
• Network standby power P net ≤ 0.5 W;
• P sb  and P net  must not be accumulated.

(B) From September 1, 2021, when fully loaded, the independent control device shall meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements in the following table:

(C) From September 1, 2021, independent control devices shall meet the following energy efficiency requirements:
• No-load power P no ≤ 0.5 W;
• Standby power P sb ≤ 0.5 W;
• Network standby power P net ≤ 0.5 W;
• P sb  and P net  must not add up.

2) Function From September 1, 2021, the light source should meet the functional requirements in the following table:

3) New test method for durability of lumen maintenance/survival rate
• 1200 cycles (150 minutes on, 30 minutes off) (total 3600 hours)

1. The implementation date of the new label is September 1, 2021, but from May 1, 2021, suppliers (local manufacturers, importers) need to register product information in the product database. Starting from September 1, 2021, retailers must replace new labels on products that have been placed on the market before June 1, 2022. From December 25, 2019, the old energy efficiency label on the lamps is no longer applicable.

2. Energy efficiency grade-return to grade A to G, the energy efficiency grade is divided as follows:

3. Light source energy efficiency label

                                                                                                                    Standard label (36 mm * 75.5 mm)


                                                                                                               Small label (19 mm * 51.6 mm)